Keeping Basement Windows Secure

Historically basement windows have presented a temptation to would-be intruders, because they are often obscured from view and so easily accessible. Even with this risk, people still like to have windows in their basement for light and fresh air. In fact, many carpet flood damage Melbourne modern basement windows are larger and more accessible than those put in basements in the past. Therefore, basement window security has become a priority with most homeowners. When it comes to basement windows, security bars are usually the first thing that comes to mind. However, there are other options.

Obviously, if someone can get into your basement, they have access to your entire house. No matter where you live, you aren’t exempt from this problem. Listen to a police scanner or read a local newspaper, and you’ll soon learn just how vulnerable your family and your home can be. Now, before anything happens, it is time for you to take steps to avoid break-ins. It’s time to consider installing burglar bars, glass blocks, or window security film.

In many parts of the country, burglar security bars have become the norm. It’s not unusual for entire neighborhoods to have bars on every window and door. Your first comment when anyone mentions putting bars on your windows will probably be, “But they’re so ugly!” Maybe they aren’t as attractive as you’d like, but which is better: having bars or having your home broken into? Besides, basement windows are often hidden from view by shrubbery or a window well. That’s one of the reasons burglars target these windows in the first place.

Many people don’t object to glass blocks when it comes to basement window security, because the general consensus is that they look cool, and they don’t hamper window function. If you choose this type of security, get strong blocks made of real glass and not those made of polycarbonate.

A third option is window security film. This transparent material goes directly onto the panes of glass in your windows. Although intruders can’t see it, if they try to break a window, it will keep them from getting in. It doesn’t obscure light and vision, and it will allow you to continue to use your windows.

No matter what type of basement window security you choose, it will be nicer going to bed tonight knowing that you’ve taken one more step to protect your home and keep your family safe.