Health Baby Proofing Your Home

Nobody ever said being a mom was easy, but your girlfriends might have soft-pedaled certain aspects of exactly how tough it’s going to be. Click here for more information There is a tendency for new mom’s to complain to single friends about how stressful being a mommy is, but then they censor themselves around their friends who are actually pregnant. Are babies tiny and cute? Absolutely. Are they little fountains of love? Sure, occasionally, they can also be fountains of other substances. Are they fragile and helpless? In a way, yes, of course, you will need to maintain constant vigilance to protect your baby from various elements of life in the out-of-utero world. But babies can also wreak havoc. They seem to have a preternatural sense before for how to put themselves in danger, and how to destroy disproportionate amounts of precious inanimate material relative to the tiny size of their precious, constantly crawling.

For these and other reasons, you are going to need to baby-proof your home.

For new moms, moms to be and experienced mothers who could use a few tips, here’s some advice from one mother to another on baby-proofing the home. We’ll assume that you already know the obvious, that you should lock your cabinets and keep poison out of reach and so on, and just cut right to the tips you might not have heard before:

Don’t neglect the baby gates!

Those baby gates are really a necessity. Section off a safe play area so that you can turn your back for a few seconds at a time without worrying about where your baby is going to run off to. If you’re still baby-training your dog, these baby gates serve a double purpose.

Not all parents use baby gates, and the fact is that you should keep an eye on the baby closely enough that you won’t really need them, but you will want to keep them there as a Plan B, just in case. No matter how careful you are, it only takes one moment of your guard being dropped for your child to wander into a part of the house that they shouldn’t be. This is what baby gates can help to prevent.

Have Some Carpet-Free Areas

Have some carpet-free areas in your house!

Babies are messy. No matter how careful you are while feeding the new addition to the family, spills will happen. We repeat: Spills, Will, Happen. Don’t think you get to keep that white carpet in the dining room, you don’t. Install a hardwood floor for a nice natural look or laminate flooring for easy cleaning and affordability.

This will pay off more and more in the long run. As your kids grow up, they stay messy. If you think linoleum is a good idea with a baby in the house, wait until you have a teenager.

Outlet Covers and Plates

Don’t let baby stick its iddy-bitty-widdle finger in the socket! Actually, there’s nothing funny about babies getting electrocuted : { Make sure that you’ve covered up all of your outlets by the time that baby is crawling or he/she might crawl right over to the socket and stick its finger in! Baby’s are all about sensation and exploration and they just can’t resist exploring every nook and cranny that’s within their reach–including the electrical outlet!

Buy More Trash Cans

I hate to be the one to break it to you girl but you are definitely going to need some diaper pails for a around the house!

You’ll understand this before long: However many garbage bins you have in the home, double it. A week from now you’re going to be holding a full diaper wishing there was a garbage can in tossing distance, so get some cheap trash bins whenever you get the chance.

Babies are messy, and anything you can do to make life easier on yourself as well as safer for the baby, you should go ahead and do it. This means that you might want to consider hands-free appliances and fixtures when and where you can. If you have the choice of buying a voice activated microwave, for instance, go ahead and do that if you can find it at an affordable price. If you can get one of those hands-free faucets that goes with a touch, do it.

The bottom line is that it’s not just about the baby’s safety, although clearly that is a big part of what you’re doing, it’s also about convenience. You want to make things safer for the baby and easier on yourself. Whatever conveniences you can lend yourself now, they may save you a lot of headaches later.

It doesn’t always have to be about spending money, sometimes it’s just about removing the latch from your bathroom door so that you can swing it open hands-free, but making the home safer and easier to get around will make you a happier parent.